• Smoking, chewing of tobacco/Gutka/Pan Masala, and consumption of alcohol, within the campus and hostels is strictly prohibited. Students are advised to refrain from indulging in these habits even when away from the campus.
  • Use of cell phones in ‘ringing mode’ during teaching hours is strictly prohibited. In exceptional circumstances, urgent/ emergency calls may received out of class after taking permission of concerned faculty after going out of the class.
  • Avoid entry in prohibited areas like mess cook- house, electric panel room, D.G Set section, sewage treatment plant.
  • Avoid use of Polyethylene bag in the campus.
  • We have systems in the place that would facilitate your smooth functioning. Feel free to discuss any academic or administrative issues with the concerned authority. For academic issues, your contact points in order are: your faculty, Class Coordinators, Head of the Department, and the Principal/Director. For administrative issues, your contact points in order are: Head of an Administrative Board/ Staff.


  • Students are required to attend the classes and complete their assignments regularly. A minimum of 80% attendance is must for being eligible to appear in the theory examinations and 90% attendance in practical examination, however, 100% attendance is solicited.
  • In the campus students are advised to carry their ID-Card with them all the time.
  • During academic sessions, students are required to be present in their respective classrooms. They will not be allowed to leave the institute’s premises during their teaching.Students should maintain cordial relations amongst yourselves, with their faculty and staff.
  • A large number of activities will be conducted in Department.
  • We have put in place a comprehensive and transparent student evaluation system. Besides the external Examination, students are assessed on the basis of Class Assignments, Sessional Examinations, and Discipline. Sessional marks of the students are displayed on the notice boards before submitting these to the University so that the students can identify the discrepancy, if any, and bring that to the notice of the concerned person.
  • We believe that our achievements rest on your success. Let us give our best to achieve our mutual goals. In this journey of academic excellence you should strike a balance between academic and other activities.
  • Students need to protect the Institute Infrastructure at their For any damage caused to the Institute infrastructure, it is the responsibility of the students to make good for the same,either jointly or by the miscreants (provided the miscreants are identified).


All the students are required to be dressed decently, with neat and clean uniform, duly prescribed by the College. However, on Saturday the students may report in a decent casual dress.


The college is having its own Grievance Redressal  system in an informal manner through direct supervision of the principal and managing director earlier. But in formal sense along with the provision of suggestion boxes the Grievance Redressal Cell is created. The function of the cell is to look into the complaints lodged by any students and judge its merit. The Grievance Cell also looks into the matters of harassment. Anyone with a genuine grievance  may approach the department members in person or in consultation with the officer in-charge students’ Grievance Cell.