All the tests and modern equipment related to Educational Psychology in B.Ed.. are available in this lab.

S.No. Items
1. Card Sorting Tray with Ends
2. Finger Dextivity Machine
3. Human Mage T. Shape Electrical
4. Memory Drums (Hard Operated)
5. Learning Mirror Drawing APP (Electrical)
6. Learning Mirror Drawing (Simple), Star Paper (1000)
7. Tachistoscope Fall Door Type
8. Bhatia Koh’s Block Design Test
9. Carrer Preference Record by- Bhargava
10. Dimensional Personality Interest by- Bhargava
11. Environment Awareness Ability Measure by- Praveen Kumar Jha
12. General Classroom Attitude Test- by Dr. A.K. Singh
13. Job satisfaction Scale by- Singh
14. Long Term Memory by- Asthana
15. Mangle Teacher Ad: Inv by- Mangle
16. Mental Fatigue
17. Non- Verbal Groups Intelligence Test by- Imtisungba AO
18. Non- Verbal Test of Creative Thinking- by Baquer Mehndi
19. Performance of Intelligence by- Bhatia
20. Problem Solving Ability by- Dubey
21. Programme Instasnt Material BPDIS by- Dr. Punita Govil
22. Programme Instasnt Material LPAPV by- Dr. Punita Govil
23. Recall of  Camp & in Comp Task
24. Retroactive  (Inhibition) by- Rakhi Bhardwaj
25. Span of Immediate Memory by- Dr. Rakhi Bhargava
26. Scientific Aptitude Test Battery by- Dr. K.K. Aggarwal & Dr. Saroj Arora
27. Sentence Competition Test by- Dubey
28. Short Term Memory by- Asthana
29. Socio Economic Status Scale Bond by- R.L. Bhardwaj
30. Teacher Attitude by- Ahluwalia
31. Teacher Value Inventory by- S.P. Alhuwalia (without manual)
32. Testing Aptitude Test Battery by- Sharma
33. Verbal Intelligent Test by- OJHA
34. Verbal Test of Creativity Thinking