Education is the backbone and teachers are the torch bearers of a learning society. No education system, no syllabus, no methodology and no text book can rise above the level of teachers. If a nation wants quality education, it must have quality teachers. It is only the teacher who can shape the students in such a way that when their time comes, they are able to convert into action, what they study and learn in school. It is the need of the hour to come around and shield us to preserve our values and principles, our nobility, democracy and selfrespect. If a teacher wants to serve the nation in a true way, she/he should be ornamented with 6Cs i.e. confidence, commitment, creativity, co-operation, competent and comprehension.

Keeping this in view the Faculty of Education is committed to train such budding teachers who can cope with emerging issues and challenges of the society. Our whole hearted efforts are devoted to serve the newer generation by preparing the dedicated committed and innovative teachers.

I wish all the best and impartune suggestions to revolutionize and activate the eminence outlook of the institution in near future.

Dr. R.N. Deshwal
Faculty of Education
Nanda ki Chowki, Premnagar
Dehradun (U.K)