With this mission in mind, UTTARANCHAL COLLEGE  OF EDUCATION aims at establishing TEACHER TRAINING INSTITUTE, a world class structure and ensuring the quality and spectrum of education being imparted to pupil teachers. In the 21st century, with technology as in demand, the institute is providing the specialized and hi-tech education for the fully qualified and competent pupil teacher; so that they can easily grasp up with the changing global demands.

It sincerely aimed at imparting impartial and phenomenon education to one and all without any discrimination of caste and creed by teaching and training them with the distinguish skills of leadership, counseling, teamwork management and nurturing and shaping their overall personality. The college aims at building the strong foundation for the upcoming structure in the form of our well groomed teachers.

In short, the stand out ethos of the Institution is to present the society, dedicated and empowered students as responsible citizens. The Institute is giving and creating the overwhelming environment for the full fledge growth and development of the students.


It’s rightly said,’’ Healthy and Progressive Education goes hand in hand with healthy and Attentive Students.” With this vision in eyes, UTTARANCHAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, envisages the importance of world class standards in teacher’s education, which constitutes and play an important role in being the backbone of society and nation as a whole. Our institution being an active member of society, sincerely playing its responsibility for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge.

To boost the morality and enhancing the character of our students so that they can contribute to be the role models for many by their rainbow persona; the Institute is conducting extra moral studies and activities to luster the student’s personality. With this goal in mind, the Institute strives to serve the society by making its students self dependent.